Electronic Design: GMD Solutions has a team specialized in integrated electronic designs. Our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers and design adapted products that will give a competitive advantage and increased productivity to our client. A custom electronic design can solve many problems at an industrial level with a much lower cost than other systems such as PLCs.

Creating specifications and technical concepts: Our extensive experience in hardware and software design allows us to offer designs that meet customer needs, consulting from day 1 in the creation of specifications and answering technical questions.



The electronics department of GMD Solutions designs low cost prototypes based on initial specifications, and analyzing its operation to incorporate improvements. We have first-tier suppliers which ensure the best quality of our products.

Problem Solving Experience

Our team has the expertise to optimize any product that has become obsolete or contains design errors. Our engineers have more than 15 years experience in electronic design and software.


Product Development

We also propose a service of research and product development. In fact, our team has developed various products for the purpose of short-term marketing.

Among the projects of our Electronics department developed, we can highlight the followings:

  • Microcontroller/FPGA designs:
    • Pulse Controller
    • Laser Power Modulator
    • 3.5kW Rectifier
    • Precise two-axis Solar Tracker
    • Tracking Sensor
    • Sensor Interface Board
    • Telematic system (GPS GPRS)
    • Pre-trip Inspection Unit for Trucks
    • Information Display Unit for Trucks
  • Power control:
    • 3.5kW Rectifier, Boost architecture with PFC Controller
  • Assembler programming
    • Bootloaders CAN, RS232 and USB
    • Code optimization using Assembler
  • Software Programming in C/C++/C#/JAVA/Android:
    • Drivers creation for CAN in Windows
    • Creation of SCADAS (GUI) for different application like Bootloaders, Solar Trackers, Databases, etc.
    • Creation of  Artificial Vision Algorithms to measure displacement in harsh environment.
  • Accurate Temperature measurement:
    • Development of thermocouple circuits using ISO-thermal blocks and compensation circuits.
  • Embedded Ethernet Communications:
    • Creation of Ethernet Bootloader
  • Data logging
  • Low power Consumption Electronics