LED Lighting

GMD Solutions offers consultancy services in lighting design for industries, offices, sports facilities, leisure parks, etc. Analyzing consumption and customer requirements, we propose solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the lighting installation, money savings (reducing the energy consumption by up to 70% and adjusting the required power) and optimize visual comfort. In order to do so, we offer to our customers the newest advances in LED technology in collaboration with the most reliable manufacturers.


For all projects, we provide a detailed and personalized report with high definition 3D renders which allow the customer to have a vision of final result before starting installation work.


GMD walks alongside with its customers from the beginning of the project, by designing the lighting architecture and the choice of the luminaires, up to the installation. We offer up to 5 year warrantee and, moreover, we can provide support for lighting project financing thanks to various agreements we have with banks and venture capitals.   

To get a free quote, or for more information, contact us by email ( or by phone: +34 917 58 67 53


Calculate how much you can save with a LED bulb

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Hours on / year

18W Energy efficient lightbulb 75W Incasdecent bulb 50W Halogen 2x26W Downlight 18W Fluorescent lighting 36W Fluorescent lighting 58W Fluorescent lighting 4x18W Fluorescent screen
Note: If your luminary is not on the list, or for a fuller completely free study, contact with us:
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