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Energy Efficiency

GMD Solutions is aware of energy consumption issue and the need to develop more efficient systems. We provide various services to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption in all sectors.

Our Energy Efficiency department has three main axis of work:

Lighting: We offer research services and improved lighting for professionals who wish to reduce their electricity bill.

Thermal efficiency: we propose energy-efficient alternative for heating and cooling systems at industrial level.

Energy Performance Certificate for Buildings: GMD have a group of technicians specialized in energy certificates for buildings to allow our customers to get in accordance with the newly adopted Royal Decree.

LED lighting

GMD Solutions offers consultancy services in lighting design for industries, offices, sports facilities, leisure parks, etc. Analyzing consumption and customer requirements, we propose solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the lighting installation, money savings (reducing the energy consumption by up to 70% and adjusting the required power) and optimize visual comfort. In order to do so, we offer to our customers the newest advances in LED technology in collaboration with the most reliable manufacturers.


Examples of completed projects:

For all projects, we provide a detailed and personalized report with high definition 3D renders which allow the customer to have a vision of final result before starting installation work.

GMD walks alongside with its customers from the beginning of the project, by designing the lighting architecture and the choice of the luminaires, up to the installation. We offer up to 5 year warrantee and, moreover, we can provide support for lighting project financing thanks to various agreements we have with banks and venture capitals.

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Thermal Efficiency

GMD Solutions, in collaboration with different installation companies, can lead ​​replacement projects of HVAC and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production systems. The new systems on the market may result in energy savings of over 80% on the electricity bill and 50% in fuel consumption.

The replacement of some outdated and low efficiency systems is a milestone for more appropriate energy use more in accordance to the current demand and energy cost steady increase.

GMD Solutions performs a preliminary study of possible energy savings at no cost to the customer  that results in an estimation of the savings on the electricity bill depending on different improvement options.

Energy Audits and Certification

On April 16, 2013 was approved the Royal Decree RD 235/2013 of April 5, according to which, all the buildings, houses and premises that are to be sold or leased for a period exceeding four months, must have, an energy certificate. This new law will be effective from June 1, 2013. The certificate assesses the energy efficiency of the property (entire building or part of it), giving a score with a letter that range from A (most efficient) to G. The document is compulsory and is valid for 10 years.

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Your certification with GMD

GMD Solutions has reached agreements with several realtors and owners to give the certification to a large number of properties in 2013 and 2014. The specialized technical team of GMD has experience in energy certification of all types of buildings, whether they are individual homes or small or large tertiary.

In total, we have certificated over 40.000m2 of building with such clients as the Community of Madrid and the Luxury Resort Novoresort in Chiclana (Cádiz Province).

In order to give the certification to a property, we usually go through the following steps:

  1. Initial contact and budget offer
  2. Inspection and data collection of the property
  3. Emission of the certificate giving the energy rating obtained. The assigned letter (A to G) will be shown on a label similar to the one used for certain appliances