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Scientific research is the foundation of any advanced technology while technological development is necessary when transferring the results of this research to the market. One of the beliefs we have in GMD Solutions is the need to invest in R&D to promote technological and business growth.

Our team of engineers has over 20 years experience in various research sectors. We lead in-house R&D projects as well as for customers in various fields such as optical fiber, optical systems, integrated electronics, high precision laser machining and renewable energy systems, always bearing in mind the main objective of providing high quality results, which will fit the corresponding market demand. Our R&D department allows us to remain constantly at the forefront of technological developments to provide a rapid, accurate and adapted to our customers.

In recent months, the R&D Department of GMD Solutions has been developing partnerships with various companies and institutes such as the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and constantly seek new partnerships to maintain this spirit of innovation much needed in the technology sector.

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