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Aerothermal heating in Barceló Sancti Petri

In May 2016, GMD Solutions realized the installation of a pool water heating kit in Barceló Sancti Petri Hotel in collaboration with the Seville-based facilities installer Ofiteca and the Barcelonese company Soldinamic, provider of aerothermal heating pump systems;.

The Barceló Sancti Petri Hotel, located in the Cádiz town of Chiclana de la Frontera, has four outdoor pools and a 3.000m2-indoor spa, known as the largest in Europe inside a hotel. This spa already uses a heating system powered by biomass as its only energy source. In order to face the increasing demand of accommodation outside the high season, the hotel board has proposed the implementation of a heating system for one of the outdoor pools.

Spanish law only allows making outdoor pools water heating by renewable energies among which stand out biomass heating, solar energy and aerothermal pumps.

GMD Solutions realized all the dimensioning and installation projects. Finally, a 130kWmachine was installed in order to keep the water temperature over 27 oC even when the outside temperature does not reach 20oC. This will allow the hotel to increase its touristic offer, focused on rest and relax, during a larger period by offering a 365 days-open outdoor pool.

The aerothermal system pumps water from the pool and the heat exchanger increases its temperature to the desired one. The water then passes through the purifying kit and gets back to the pool offering a comfort feeling to anyone in the water.

The system efficiency is around 600%, due to the use of latent heat of the air in an optimum way for reducing energy consumption. This makes aerothermal pump technology a renewable energy system for heating production.

GMD Solutions is specialized in improving efficiency energy projects in every type of premises, from LED facilities, as in Ávila´s hotel Palacio de Valderrábanos, to the efficiency energy reports for large multinational companies as Decathlon.