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Leisure and Sports Centre NUDOS - Ciudad Real

Located in Ciudad Real, the Leisure and Sports Centre NUDOS is one of the most complete of its kind in Spain. It has more than 20 sport courts (padel, tennis, basketball, football) on a total of 4 hectares of facilities including gym, restaurant, children play-park and bowling alleys.

GMD Solutions has led the projects and management of the technical facilities in the Centre, which has more than 2.000m2 of buildings entirely lighted with LEDs. This allows the centre to save 70% in the electrical consumption corresponding to lighting vs. a traditional installation.

Additionally, all courts lighting are supplied with LED projectors, positioning the Centre as the biggest in Spain entirely lighted with LED technology.

The Medium Voltage (MV) installation consists of a 600KVA transformer fed by a MV electric line. The adequacy of this line brought along the installation of a distribution centre in the urban district of Ciudad Real. This transformer gives power to the whole Centre, making it 100% autonomous, added to the 145KVA power unit ready to supply electricity in case of power shortage.

The heating/cooling installation, designed with our partner “Pura Energía”, has two 300kW biomass burners and an absorption machine that allow to get optimum temperatures within the building, whether it is summer or winter, with a minimum as well as 100% renewable  consumption and, therefore, the highest energetic efficiency.

The distribution is made by three air-conditioning systems, to impulse the air, and some fancoils. All these systems, added to the complex control of the air temperature, allow to maintain a comfortable environment during every season of the year.

For all these reasons, the Centre is one of the most efficient sport centres around the world, with an energy consumption below 50% of that of an equivalent one using traditional methods, with a 100% reduction of the CO2 emission, making it an environmental friendly facility.