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Lighting project in Namibe (Angola)

Namibe is one of the 18 regions of Angola. Located near the Atlantic Ocean, the region is carrying out a vast project of modernization of the public lighting.

GMD Solutions has taken part in this project, as a consultant for the Angolan company LightWater in the development and  purchase of the solar lighting devices.

The lampposts (2.000 units until now and more than 15.000 in total) are composed by one high efficiency LED light and two PV modules, which, together with the integrated battery and the controller, guarantee light during at least 2 shady days.

PV modules receive directly the solar light and generate a current. Controller manages this produced energy in order to adapt to the battery characteristics. Finally, the battery feeds the LED light (12 Volts).

The project promises to enlighten the dark streets of the African region, contributing to the modernization and improving the quality of life. Also, being solar lampposts, the electrical consumption is null.