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Mini solar tracker

GMD Solutions has installed, during summer of 2014, a mini solar tracker for Soltune CPV.

In this project, we developed the high-precision tracking system for a 2-axis solar tracker (azimuth and zenith) from hardware design to software implementation.

As a result of its vast experience in renewable energies (especially in solar energy), GMD thought of an integral solution from its customer´s  requirements.

This 2-axis mini solar tracker (called “mini” due to its reduced size compared to standard 2-axis solar trackers) can be used in tracking mode (with the solar system directly mounted onto the tracker, which follows the sun’s displacement in the sky) or in heliostat mode (with the solar system fix-mounted at a known distance of the tracker on which is mounted a mirror to allow reflection of sun’s light onto the fixed system). Its application can be the production of hot water or electricity from PV panels depending on the configuration mode.

Versatility and functionality are keys to this product and allow to install the solar tracker in reduced spaces, due to its small size, or for testing at reduced scale.

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