Due Diligence for logistics warehouses

Main facade

Due Diligence for logistics warehouses

Main facade

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona

Fachada nave logística

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona_1

Interior muelles de reparto

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona_2


Due Diligence técnica SEHRS

Due Diligence técnica SEHRS Tarragona_3

Muelles de reparto

Due Diligence for logistics warehouses in Lugo and Tarragona

In late 2019 and early 2020, GMD Solutions performed two technical Due Diligence for its client Spearvest. The two logistics buildings audited are located in Lugo and Tarragona. The buildings used for logistics had a surface area of 10,600m² and 10,000m² respectively, including industrial refrigeration facilities for food preservation. During the visits, carried out by our specialized technicians, we first checked everything related to the architecture, including the building envelopes and the structure, floors, and roofs. We also paid special attention to the passive fire protection of structural elements, which are essential to ensure the integrity of buildings and their occupants.

We also evaluated the following installations:

Fire protection: we reviewed that all the elements were in compliance with the different regulations (extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire hydrants).

Electricity: the different electrical panels were checked in-depth, as the condition of the cables, and the lighting installations.

Air conditioning: we checked that all the units were in compliance with adopted Regulations for Thermal Installations in Buildings (Spanish acronym RITE) when applicable and the condition of the different air conditioning units and compressors for cold rooms.

Loading/unloading docks: the conditions and operation of the different docks and their doors were reviewed.

The purpose of the audits was to report to Spearvest on the condition of the buildings to validate a possible sale. In particular, we reviewed possible defects that could be detrimental to the future operation of the warehouses.

Spearvest, one of GMD’s most recent clients, is a Swiss investment fund with a strong projection in Spain. It is currently financing a logistics center of over 20,000m² in the municipality of La Muela in Zaragoza. In this project, we are in charge of Project Monitoring for our client.

GMD Solutions performs energy audits, as well as complete or partial due diligence for different types of buildings: hotels, logistics warehouses, residences, etc. We have extensive experience having audited more than 200,000m2 of facilities at a technical and energy efficiency level, highlighting the technical Due Diligence projects of the Mirasierra Suites hotel and the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri hotel.

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