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REDUR Coruña

Main facade

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REDUR Coruña

Between March and August 2021, GMD Solutions carried out the integral management of the project for the construction of a delivery warehouse (Cross Docking type) in the town of Culleredo (A Coruña). The project, promoted by our client REDUR, was developed out and executed entirely with BIM methodology, achieving a considerable optimization of timeframes, as well as minimal deviations from the contracted budget.

The warehouse, located in Ledoño’s industrial park of the aforementioned Galician municipality, has an interior surface area of 2,100 square meters on a 5,700 square meter plot. It is a state-of-the-art warehouse with 15 docks for trailers on its south façade, equipped with an adjustable platform, automatic doors and dock shelters, and 18 doors for light vehicles on the north façade. The entire interior of the warehouse has a raised floor to facilitate the loading and unloading process.

REDUR Coruña also has an administrative and personnel area of 110 square meters equipped with a complete air conditioning and air renewal system with heat recovery, as well as all the necessary elements to guarantee accessibility for workers and clients, and fully equipped changing rooms separated by gender.

Fire protection is provided by a detection system using optical sensors and a fire pump to service the fire hydrants that guarantee the necessary measures for extinguishing fires.

The lighting throughout the center is provided by skylights, which bring natural light into the interior, and LED equipment: high bay lights in the warehouse and panel lights in the office area. This ensures minimum consumption and guarantees that the center complies with the REDUR group’s energy efficiency standards.

Internal transportation will be carried out with the latest generation forklifts, with lithium batteries from Uni Carriers, for which four high-speed charging units have been installed, thus avoiding the use of lead batteries, which are highly polluting.

Like other centers of our client REDUR: Benavente, Valencia, and Vitoria; the installation has an air-conditioned room to guarantee the temperature-controlled delivery service (between 15°C and 25°C). In total, 120 square meters were acclimatized with LG air conditioning equipment and two integrated docks.

The construction was carried out by the local company Pérez y Peteiro, with the participation of Inkema, in the execution of docks and doors; TAVER, in the paneling of the air-conditioned room, and Capresa in the execution of the whole air-conditioning installation.

REDUR Coruña is GMD’s confirmation in the field of logistics and transport after developing several projects for REDUR, with which we remain closely linked through new projects, such as Project Monitoring for the Swiss investment fund Spearvest of the TXT warehouse in La Muela, Zaragoza, or the Palletways warehouse in Alcalá de Henares.